Real Estate Closings

Our licensed title agents have over 60 years of experience. When you close with Whitworth, you feel at home with what you’re signing.

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Title Searches & Abstracts

Our attorneys handle the title searches. You call your folks for advice on what matters. Before buying a home, call our folks.

Because it matters.

Title Refinement Services

Our in house counsel are ready to guide you through correcting and perfecting your title. Knock on our door or give us a call.

It’s why we’re here.

Your investment counts.


Remote Closings.

The WTG team has closed in Paneras, McDonalds,  homes, realtors’ offices, and other flexible locations. We have state of the art portable closing kits and will try to work with what is most convenient for customers. We also have conference rooms available in Carrollwood, Northdale, Temple Terrace, and Rocky Point.

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